Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie note: Lost Boys: The Tribe


But why did Corey (Haim? Feldman? Feldman. Haim died, right?) speak like he was constipated the entire time?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank God

One positive thing about working in Massachusetts, where the majority of my co-workers are Catholic, is that Good Friday is a slow day at work. And everyone leaves early, including me!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Patridge family

I'm dismayed at television for giving Audrina Patridge, the least interesting girl on The Hills (except for Stephanie), her own reality show. Of course, I checked out the first episode and I'm glad I did for two reasons:

1. I have now been introduced to Audrina's mom, the perennially tanked leather bag who acts more like a wronged teenager than a mother.

2. I'm 98% sure the opening song has the lyrics, "Ooooohhh ... I sharted."

It's all very appropriate.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marathon Monday

Many organizations in Massachusetts celebrated Patriots' Day yesterday with work closures, community parades and other such festivities. Patriots' Day also is when the annual Boston Marathon takes place - and I'd been informed that it's a big day of celebration for Bostonians each year.

Since our workplace does not recognize the holiday, I went to work last year on Patriots' Day, just like any other day. This year, however, I decided to take the day off and join in the revelry, mostly because friends were in town from DC to run the thing.

Cheering for marathons is kind of crazy. I'm also very bad at it. I met up with my friend toward the end of the route, and we watched out for Poochie, whose pace we were monitoring on the BlackBerry. Before he passed us, I noticed all these hundreds of people, running, limping and crawling by. Some were being carried off on stretchers and others simply looked like death. It reinforced that I never want to run one of these things.

When Poochie came running by, I totally missed him (like I missed Puppy in the Chicago Marathon several years ago), but I did get to catch up with him at the meeting point at the end and congratulate him on finishing. And re-qualifying for next year's Boston Marathon, which I can't decide is a good or bad thing.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Girl talk

I miss my friends! Last week, Reebs birthed a new baby, so Dickinator came to town for a little visit this weekend. Coincidentally, TurboBoob was in town for a family Pesach celebration, so we were able to spend last night hanging out and cooing over the baby.

The four of us lived together in college nearly fifteen years ago, along with six other characters and a cat. So, we had a pretty good catch-up session, talked a lot about babies, other friends, some frenemies and our current lives. And it was nice hanging with people who could check me whenever I said anything that might have rung untrue to myself or really ask the hard questions about my job, Boston, my family and Puppy.

Since Reebs is still tired from her labor and all, Dickinator, TurboBoob and I capped off the evening with some delicious food and drink. It really was lovely spending time with them yesterday.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I demand a judges' save

I didn't care too much when American Idol voted Pia off, but I'm so sad that Jaclyn was sent home packing on this week's America's Next Top Model!

She was the only likable one in the bunch, and she took great photos! I loved her squeaky air-heady voice and wanted to see her in Morocco. Although, it would have been better if ANTM sent them to Canada, like dum-dum Alexandria guessed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quality control

The other day, I accompanied one of my colleagues who's responsible or product quality to one of our stores and we assessed our product. We looked for loose stitching, uneven hems, puckering, stains, shade variation, dry crocking and other product defects.

It was an interesting visit that definitely heightened my appreciation for our quality team's job. I'm not quite so detail-oriented to review product so closely, so I guess it's good I do what I do, instead.

But at the end of the day, it was nice to get out of the office for a few hours and spend some time in a mall!