Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harbourside run

Feeling particularly motivated this morning, I woke up early, consulted the hotel's suggested jogging routes, "stretched," and headed out for a morning run along the Hong Kong harbour! After some really uncomfortable first moments where my body simply didn't understand what was going on, I got into a rhythm and found myself overtaking other morningtime leisure-type athletes and old grannies walking to their tai chi sessions.

I followed the hotel's route along the Avenue of the Stars, past the creepy Bruce Lee statue and down to some clocktower, turned around and found myself back at the starting point ... approximately 10 minutes later. So, I followed the second, shorter, suggested route and found myself back at the start 5 minutes after that.

15 minutes of running seems quite sufficient, so I'm about to head downstairs to the breakfast buffet!

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