Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boating through Boston

I took another work-from-home day today because of this storm that has 2/3 of the country experiencing snow, sleet, ice, rain and other nasty weather occurrences. There has been a major storm each week since I've returned to Boston from California and it is not pretty.

There are mountains of snow everywhere, and today the snow turned to sleet, then freezing rain, then regular rain. I dared to leave the house in order to retrieve my car, so I had to walk down several blocks to the garage where I kept it (my usual garage, across the street, was full!). At each intersection, I basically gave up trying to leap over the puddles. It was futile. I just stepped into the oceans and sacrificed the bottoms of my jeans to the elements. Fortunately, I had my water-proof boots on.

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