Saturday, February 19, 2011

John Daly dinner

IronWoman was in town for some smartypants event, which became the catalyst for a wonderful dinner college swim team reunion! Puppy spent all day cooking and cleaning, preparing a delicious dinner of Tuscan chicken and mushroom risotto for the occasion.

Flabs, Jillian and their husbands also came for dinner, leaving their kiddos at home with sitters. An adult evening! With adult beverages! Puppy had concocted a lemonade/iced tea/vodka drink which is apparently called a John Daly. And after several dozen glasses, it became a much boozier dinner than anticipated.

Surprisingly, I wasn't very hungover this morning, but even if I had been, it would have been worth it. Last night was a nice visit and great to see IronWoman while she was in town.

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frannie said...

i seriously just looked for the 'like' button at the bottom of your description. oy, FB you control my brain. i wish i had been there to drink too many john dalys (dailies?) and sing the fight song to the cats with you guys.