Thursday, June 24, 2010

One night in Casa

It's been another long day on the road and I should probably be sleeping, but I just returned to my hotel room from another long and filling dinner.

We started off this morning in Istanbul, flew for five hours to Casablanca and went straight to a factory. The factory was a pretty average one, but I had to figure out a little issue regarding Moroccan labor law and how we wanted the factory to implement a corrective action plan resulting from a recent audit. Without any other Moroccan factories in our supply base, it's tough figuring out what the industry norm is, but I'm pleased with the next steps we established.

We were shuttled quickly to the hotel to check in, then gathered for dinner. Our factory host treated us to a feast at a traditional Moroccan restaurant that was completely adorned with intricately carved plaster molding all over the ceiling and very detailed little tiles and mosaics all over the walls. It also featured two belly dancers dropping it like it was hot, thrusting their bejeweled boobies into the faces of diners throughout the restaurant.

It was a very nice treat and it felt nice to get a taste of Casablanca. The waterfront area seemed to have a very busy nightlife and I was told that people were just starting to eat their dinners as we left the restaurant at midnight.

After another factory visit tomorrow morning, we're back in the air, off to Amman, via a three-hour layover in Istanbul.

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