Monday, June 7, 2010

Celeb sighting: Not the president

Last night, Puppy, his friend DJ Mother Nature and I enjoyed a summery dinner at home then visited a lounge to heckle DJ Mother Nature's friend who was singing standards.

Like last Sunday night's adventures, this lounge was also adjacent to the local Courtyard Marriott (I don't get it either) and we had a prime seat for the show since there were approximately five others in the audience.

During one of the breaks, people began filing out of the venue next door, where apparently another event was taking place - one where attendees got to wear name badges with flashing lights. And one of the attendees happened to be John Kerry! Our little lounge was abuzz and an old man trotted up to our table next to the window to get a better look. Sadly, I got a better look at his belly as he stood over me.

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