Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Professor Panda!!!!

Today we hosted a summit for many of our vendors in the Mediterranean region. Basically, we stayed in a room that resembled a business school classroom and several of us discussed the company's current business strategies, how we're working to evolve our various areas of discipline and how we need to partner with our vendors to succeed in implementing these changes.

My presentation, the last one scheduled, was different from all the others. Where everyone else was discussing specific topics like our goals and progress regarding speed, quality and cost, mine was a more philosophical discussion about a new approach to corporate social responsibility. Our Chief Supply Chain Officer directed me to treat it like I was a professor, delivering a lecture.

I wasn't sure how my presentation would go over since it was such a departure from the rest of the day, but it was very well received and our Chief Supply Chain Officer told me it was "by far the best part of the day." I was flattered that he said this to me and hope it bodes well for a raise or a promotion down the line!

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