Monday, August 16, 2010

Beacon Hill thrill

Since the weather is still nice outside (i.e., no need to wear a sleeping bag and snow boots around the city), Puppy and I made the brave decision to leave our little neighborhood and dine in another part of the city! So, on Saturday night, we headed north to Beacon Hill, home of the tourist trap Cheers bar, John Kerry's home and Boston's "old money." It's also Puppy's former neighborhood, so he got to play tour guide with me.

It's a cute area with quaint little shops and nice brick rowhouses, as one would expect. But the biggest surprise to me was the 7-Eleven. Likely the nicest, cleanest, sparkliest 7-Eleven in all the world! We didn't go inside, but it sure did make an impression on this panda.

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rachel said...

i remember the first time puppy took me to that 7-11. nothing has been the same, since.