Thursday, August 5, 2010

Original programming

Last night, I watched the season premiere of Dark Blue, a show on TNT that apparently has been around for one season already. I didn't watch it because I was at all interested, but I learned that TurboBoob's husband, Jock-capella, would be on the show, portraying some sort of Serbian gangster.

It was fun watching Jock-capella acting like a badass on the show, but I really didn't understand what was happening or why the show was interesting to people. I also saw a bunch of commercials for other TNT shows that all essentially have the same premise: Some sort of damaged detective is working hard to make the world a better place while dealing with inner demons and co-workers who don't appreciate his/her quirkiness.

Seriously, it was like every single show advertised was for the same thing. And each show seemed to feature a marquis name supported by a bunch of other actors. Trade Kyra Sedgwick for Jason Lee for Dylan McDermott - and you basically get the same show, over and over again.

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