Thursday, November 4, 2010

Career limiting comment

For the past two days, I've been sequestered away in a cross-functional leadership development seminar with 10 other employees from my company. We've been learning things about ourselves, collaboration, project management and other such skills that are supposed to help propel us forward in our careers with the company.

But more than anything, we've been eating nonstop. Not only has there been food available throughout the two days, we all gathered last night for a very nice dinner with three key company executives. And whenever there was a lull in the conversation (aka, when we were eating our food), the trainer would pull out a stack of cards on which were printed "conversation starters."

One card posited the question, "If you could bring back one celebrity from the dead for one last, great performance, who would it be?" The awkward silence continued, so I blurted out, "Jon Benet Ramsey!" And our COO (whom I'd never met before last night) nodded in my direction and asked, "Who's the joker who just made a career limiting comment?"


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frannie said...

you are amazing!

XW said...

This is beyond awesome. You are my hero.

jboogie said...

COO is boring