Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photographer Panda!!!!

After a very tasty dinner last night with Puppy's friends from New York and friends from Lynn, we all went to the nearby gay bar and enjoyed some Friday night libations. DJ Mother Nature met up with us and it was a pretty fun night out.

A tall, pasty, dull-seeming fellow took a liking to Puppy and started chatting him up and doing some lash-batting. Apparently, he was in town for the weekend from Austin and he was looking for fun things to do. Discussion turned to where we should go next and DJ Mother Nature offered to take the new fellow to a different, hopefully more lively bar. But before they left, our friend from Austin wanted to remember his night with Puppy forever, so he pulled out his phone and asked me to take their photo together. The first two didn't come out properly, so I had to do it three times.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Puppy went home with me, but DJ Mother Nature did take the Texan to his next destination. Maybe he pulled a Jersey Shore-style "robbery!"

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