Thursday, May 15, 2008

And then the judge banged his gravel

Selives was back in town for a few days to work through an issue of sexual harassment that one of his female co-workers brought against the company (and him, specifically). This, of course, is ridiculous because Selives is totes gay and the only thing of hers he could possibly have coveted would be her shoes or accessories. Certainly not her person.

Since he was in town, Dyson, Mattress, Beetle and I had dinner with Selives at a new seafood restaurant (very tasty) and learned more about this sexual harassment case. In the process of telling us about his day, Selives mentioned that he was falling asleep in the courtroom (possibly due to the fact that he had been out late the night before, merry-making with some homosexuals) and that he was startled when "the judge banged his gravel."

After dinner, Mattress and Beetle sensibly went home, while the rest of us met up with Mahogany Sparkle, Roommates A&J, Blanca and PorkChop for Juanita MORE's weekly Booty Call party. Much fun, but probably more excitement than I needed on a Wednesday night.

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