Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy jetting

In a few short hours, I'll alight a cramped, little Jet Blue plane to return to San Francisco. I've had a wonderful New England visit and I'm sad to see this fun-filled time come to an end, but I'm ready to get back to my life in the city by the bay.

I was really glad to see Bullet Tosser and her boyfriend last night for dinner before I depart. The boyfriend (whom Bullet Tosser may have encouraged me to call BA, but I refuse) was kind enough to pay for our Latin-inspired meal and this is my official way of saying that, for the record, it's my turn to pay next time!

It was fun hearing about their latest escapades, including a drunken dinnertime marriage proposal a few weeks ago, and it was great reminiscing about our own shared past, like that trip to a swim meet where Bullet Tosser spent the ride lying amidst the car's luggage and farting up a storm. I always have a blast with Bullet Tosser and hope that we will one day live much closer together again.

1 comment:

JCU said...

really? farting?

it was so so so good to see you. made me miss you more!

happy travels home!