Monday, May 26, 2008

Lobstah roll

I spent a good portion of the day catching up with Safety First, a friend from business school who was one of the crazier gals in my class - crazy in a great way - always ready to dress up, organize a camping excursion, stay up all night and just have a good time. Safety First now has a lovely seven-week old daughter who dutifully slept as we enjoyed Boston's North End and the amazing Memorial Day weather.

We had lunch outside by the harbor and I enjoyed a lobster roll, which may have been a bit much for my delicate constitution because my tummy is a bit ... rumbly. I also enjoyed the prevalent Boston accent that surrounded us. For example, when we asked how far we could go with the buzzer while we waited for our table, the hostess said, "about one hundred yahds."

I'm about to have dinner with Bullet Tosser (yes, just a few hours after my lunch), then I think my little vacay comes to an end. Boo.

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