Friday, May 9, 2008

Naughty network

I've been struggling with connectivity to the internets (and The Corporation's email and network drives) all morning, so I called our IT helpdesk for some support.

Their helpful suggestions:
1. Please log off and log back on.
[problem persists]
2. Please re-start the computer.
[problem persists]
3. Opening a "ticket" so a technician will come to my location.
[problem persists]
4. Said technician calls to ask if I use a desktop or laptop. I answer cheerfully.
[problem persists]
5. Said technician explains that there may be a problem with my docking station and that if it continues I should call back.
[problem solved?]


room8J said...

Probably all those viruses and NSFW links that your "friends" send you.

Gleemonex said...

Oh, Panda. Silly, silly Panda. Nice try, calling the Helpless Desk.

The really galling thing is I bet those chuckleheads make more than I do.