Friday, May 23, 2008


Internets, it's been a fun time in Boston, catching up with friends from my undergraduate days. I first met up with Reebs and enjoyed a wine-fueled French luncheon in the South End. We caught up, reminisced about the past decade and a half and I got to meet her beautiful little baby girl!

And after a nap, I braved the T to Jamaica Plains and met up with Flabs and IronWoman (who was in town for a presentation to some academic-types at Harvard. We had a delicious meal and I felt honored that it was Flabs's first time out after giving birth to her little baby girl. Also joining us was IronWoman's girlfriend, a delightful woman who graciously put up with all our discussion about mutual friends. But the best part may have been stopping at JP Licks after dinner for some coffee oreo ice cream!

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