Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ladies' night

After a long work day that plopped me in the East Bay for several hours, I finally returned home around 9pm last night, did a quick change and hustled down to the Mission where Chocolate Thunder was enjoying drinks with friends. Chocolate Thunder is a friend whom I met through Jefe way back when I was a young little panda.

He was in town for work and I hadn't seen him in well over a year, so it was great to re-connect. He shared the great news that he's spending the summer in SF before moving down to Sao Paulo for graduate school. It's going to be one fun-filled summer, if our past shenanigans are any indication.

So after one beer in the Mission (I'm not sure how three gays, one questioning Spaniard and one gal ended up in a straight little dive bar - clearly, it was not my suggestion), we high-tailed it to the Castro where Chocolate Thunder reacquainted himself with his favorite drink - the frozen cosmo! It's a disaster waiting to happen and I had the sense to steer clear and keep to my Stella Artois.

And who knew that Tuesday nights are lesbian night at the bar? Clearly not this American Idol-loving panda. It was totes overrun with all shapes and sizes of lesbians, grinding together and getting their respective freaks on. Chocolate Thunder was right at home, lifting them in the air, smashing them against walls and getting pawed by all the little ladies!

It's no surprise that I got a voice message from him at 12:30am wondering if I'd seen his work blackberry. I suggested that maybe it was caught in one of the bar patron's weaves.

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