Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For an old man you ain't bad in a fight. What are you, like 80?

Puppy and I caught the new(ish) Indiana Jones flick last night in the historic Castro Theatre. Apparently, it's been ages since a first-run movie played at the Castro so this is kind of a big deal.

In my opinion, the movie was exactly what it should have been. It was fast-paced, fun, over-the-top and oozing with cheese. It had your requisite bad-guy caricatures, archaeological mythology and impossibly close brushes with death. And even in his advanced age, Harrison Ford was fun to watch as Indy.

The only thing that I didn't appreciate was the whole Roswell angle. C'mon Spielberg, this ain't E.T.!

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Gleemonex said...

Dude, I loved it! Got an actual babysitter to allow for seeing it on the big screen, and it was so much fun.